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Children Benefit from Taekwondo
You have just taken the first step in the positive, personal development of your child.  For children to succeed in school, they must be motivated, disciplined and self confident.  At Salim's Taekwondo Center we encourage our students to develop self discipline by mastering a set of skills and requirements necessary to earn belt promotions.  This in turn carries over into their school work and improves their grades.   Self confidence learned through Taekwondo teaches our students how to interact well with fellow classmates and teachers.  Because of our effective belt ranking system, students also learn to develop goal setting.  The goal of our staff is to guide your child towards a successful life in and outside of Taekwondo and be a positive reinforcement in the development of your child.

There are many great advantages for an adult interested in our classes.  We teach a variety of self defense techniques as well as drills that improve your physical and mental well being. So come and enjoy a free class where you can not only have fun but stay physically fit.  




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